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Photopapers Premium Super Glossy


Glossy papers are the best papers for printing bright photo realistic images. Gloss is a property of paper surface to produce a shiny, highly reflective appearance when light is reflected. The higher gloss paper has a larger color gamut. And the difference is largest for highsaturated and dark colors.

Glossy papers are best suited for reproduction of bright, deep tones with multiple tints and color gradations. Good ICC-profiling is of great importance for glossy papers because ink-paper interaction mainly affect the reproduction of highly saturated colors. Glossy papers are more expensive than matt ones. Lomond glossy papers are manufactured using Lomond C (C grade) and D (D grade) technologies. Because of their very smooth surface glossy papers are not recommended for pigment inks which large colorant particles might be slightly smudged on the printed image. Lomond single sided papers are used for printing photos and bright saturated pictures. Double-sided glossy/matt papers are ideal for advertising leaflets, booklets, greeting cards etc. using one side (glossy) for a showy image and another side (matt) for more detailed information.

photopapers Premium Super Glossy

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