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Media for laser printers

Lomond laser print media includes universal papers as well as papers and films specially coated to provide increased toner adhesion in monochrome and color copiers and laser printers. All the Lomond laser print media completely meet the requirements of the leading copiers and laser printers manufacturers. The papers and films are thermo-stabilized, antistatic,have perfect surface conditions providing excellent toner adhesion and distribution, enable problem-free cassette loading, are ecologically safe, provide high resistance against harmful environmental agents.

Lomond Laser paper collection was extended with art materials, intended for various design works such as business and post cards, book covers etc.

A special type of thermal transfer papers is used for printing and transferring the image onto almost any type of textile.

CLC papers for color laser printers

Lomond CLC papers are recommended for high speed printing of full color brochures, loose leafs, cards, posters and can be successfully used for producing preprint.

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CLC paper Fine Art - Perchament

Lomond presents a brand new paper – Laser Parchment. Available in 5 colors: yellow, sand, silver, blue and white, it is cut into A4 format and packed 100 sheets in a box. Parchment is a double sided matt paper with a special texture. It can be used for various design works. This paper has an extremely good toner adhesion.

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CLC paper Fine Art - Metallic

Glossy paper intended for art photo printing. Metallic collection is suitable for various design works, gift cars, business cards, book covers, company blanks, posters and brochures.

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