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Lomond Laminating Pouch Film, A3, 50 sheets, 80mic, Glossy

Laminating pouches for thermal lamination, Glossy. Pouch size A3. Pouches 50. Thickness 80 mic.

Laminating pouches provide protection from water, dust, ozone, mechanical and UV impact for printed office documents, polygraphical products and advertisements. Lifecycle of the laminated image is significanly higher than of similar ones but without the lamination applied. Glossy lamination is used for adding a level of gloss to photo quality images which visualy improves saturation of the printout. Film is highly transparent.


product code:1302151
product name:Lomond Laminating Pouch Film, A3, 50 sheets, 80mic, Glossy
weight:1.320 kg
pcs in transportation packing:12

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