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Lomond XL PP Inkjet Film Easy Cling White Removable, 610mm*30m

White polypropylene adhesive film for printing on color inkjet printers with dye and pigment ink.

Innovative technology for glueless fixing of images on any smooth surface! The backside of the film has microscopic suction cups. It will easily stick on any smooth surface, such as glass, metal (including aluminium), plastic, varnished wood, tile, etc.

The film does not leave any traces of glue and can be easily removed. Images printed on the film can be stuck to various surfaces again and again.

Should the backside get dirty, wiping it with a cloth dampened in slightly soapy water will leave it as new.


product code:1205027
product name:Lomond XL PP Inkjet Film Easy Cling White Removable, 610mm*30m
country of origin:Germany
square weight:140 g/m2
print resolution:5760 dpi
ink type:dye based, pigment
weight:0.000 kg
roll width:610 mm
roll length:30 m
Priemer vn.dutinky:50,8 mm

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