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Lomond albums are the traditional style book-bound photo albums, still popular today because of the flexibility they offer for photo sizes and layouts, and the high presentation value of the completed albums. There is no plastic or adhesive component in dry-mount pages. Instead you can use Lomond self-adhesive photo papers for printing and mounting your photos.

Photoframes InstaFrame

Photoframes InstaFrame

The Lomond product line of InstaFrame photopapers presents 15-sheet packages of various most popular Lomond photopapers in a special cardboard package with specific and unique feature and design.

Photopaper PostCards

Photopaper PostCards

The Lomond PostCard Photopaper series includes a set of preprinted postcards to create unique printed post cards. Front side is designed to printing on any inkjet printer according to your ideas, the back side is already a pre-printed as a regular postcard.

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