Lomond XL Photo Paper Semi Glossy for Packing 95 g/m2 610mm*30m


Semi Glossy wide format photo paper, designed for printing individual packing paper. High speed printing. Provides high contrast and sharpness of the image. Roll width 610 mm, length 30m, weight 95 g/m2. Compatible with dye-based and pigment inks.

Lomond XL photo papers for packings are designed for individual printing of packing and wrapping papers with semi glossy surface in photo quality. Semi Glossy inkjet coating provides excellent contrast, best fine line definition, high brightness, color stability, perfect glare-less imaging. Lomond XL paper for packings is suitable for dye based and pigment inks.

Product parameters

Product code:1203044
Product name:Lomond XL Photo Paper Semi Glossy for Packing 95 g/m2 610mm*30m
Square weight:95 gsm
Sheet size:610mm
Country of origin:Germany
Pcs in transportation packing:1
Print technology:inkjet
Thickness:100 mic (ISO 534)
Opacity:91% (ISO 2471)
Whiteness:131 CIE (ISO 11475)

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