Lomond XL Photo Paper Matte Self Adhesive 90 g/m2 329mm*20m


Self adhesive Matt wide format photo paper. High speed printing. Provides high contrast and sharpness of the image. Roll width 329 mm, length 20m, weight 90 g/m2. Compatible with dye-based and pigment inks.

Lomond XL MATT photo papers are supplied in a range of densities from 105 to 180 g/m2. These media has numerous applications: lightweight grades are used for printing precise diagrams anddraughts as well as color reports, posters, and other display graphics; middleweight grades are most suitable for printing photo posters and other full-color images. Matt inkjet coating provides excellent contrast, best fine line definition, high brightness, color stability, perfect glare-less imaging. Lomond XL MATT paper is suitable for Dye based and pigment inks.

Product parameters

Product code:1202110
Product name:Lomond XL Photo Paper Matte Self Adhesive 90 g/m2 329mm*20m
Square weight:90 gsm
Sheet size:329mm
Country of origin:Germany
Pcs in transportation packing:1
Print technology:inkjet

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