Lomond Printhead for Evojet Office printer


Printhead for Lomond EvoJet Office printers. Lifetime of printhead 45.000 A4 pages. Easy replacement.

Lomond EvoJet Office printer – A revolution in office printer technology. Powered by MemJet waterfall technology this printer is suitable for all home and commercial applications:

  • For home and office documents - print with a low cost per page
  • For home photo printing – print with high quality AND speed
  • For commercial printing such as print houses & copy shops – print finalisation in achieved in the shortest possible time
  • For commercial and industrial label "on demand" printing – print according to your actual needs
Lomond EvoJet Office printers with the highest printing speed among other inkjet printers. Full color printouts with resolution up to 1600x800dpi with speed 60 pages A4 in 1 minute and 30 pages A4 per minute with print resolution of 1600x1600dpi.

High speed printing is achieved by a unique print head Memjet technology. MemJet printhead contains a record number of print nozzles - up to 70,000, comparing to other inkjet print heads its 17 times more. Prinhead job reaches speed up to 774 million drops per second. The volume of one drop is only 1 piktoliter, what represents the smallest drop volume comparing to all other inkjet printers.

Product parameters

Product code:0202111
Product name:Lomond Printhead for Evojet Office printer
Country of origin:Taiwan
Weight:0.210 kg

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